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22 September 2010 @ 03:41 pm
I didn't really forget about livejournal, I just took ages to get off my butt and scan anything. But I finally got around to it so here you go - some month-old sketches!

Assorted sketchesCollapse )

And that's all the sketches I have right now. I'm currently on very little sleep because of the Panto - the performances are Thursday (tomorrow) through Saturday so last night I had a rehearsal from 5pm till 4am. Tonight's should be shorter, which is good, because I got about five hours' sleep and I feel weird, like I'm sick or something...

If you're at UWA, go to the Panto. Seriously. Go. It is the funniest play I have ever seen and it makes me so unbelievably proud to be in it. It's chock full of innuendo, memes, and wonderful wonderful actors.

30 July 2010 @ 02:35 pm
A few sketches of my Asylum comic characters...

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20 July 2010 @ 10:46 am
My new computer was ready last weekend (2 days after it was ordered!) so now it's all set up - it's a beast. But I have only been doing silly gifs (see jello-bomb.deviantart.com/journal/) and comic pages (jello-bomb.deviantart.com/gallery/#Asylum-Comic) so I don't have anything great to show here! I can't even put the gifs in this entry because livejournal is being a bit silly. Bummer! When I plug in my scanner (it doesn't fit my computer, baww) I will scan some stuff and put some more sketches up here.
08 July 2010 @ 03:21 pm
No art today - my computer stopped working several days ago and it turns out the graphics card blew all of its capacitors (a big deal), caused by the motherboard (a huge deal), and so I need a whole new computer (an incredibly irritatingly massive deal). So that sucks!! Woo!

I can't run Photoshop or Maya or even GTA with this internal graphics card or I risk blowing the capacitors of the motherboard (computer's brain) as well. So that's pretty lame and until next week I'll have to survive without these programs. But I am still alive, and my data should all be fine, so that's good at the least!

Another upside is that kicksatanout (too lazy to link) has given me the idea to draw a silly comic about me and my motherboard (aka a sassy talking robot buddy) adventuring in robot land where he will learn that his fatherboard is the baddest motherboard around. So much wordplay on the word 'motherboard' I can't wait.
27 June 2010 @ 11:46 am
Lots to get through today! I've made an impromptu walkthrough of my comic making process, I'll post a better one on dA very soon, and I have some lovely precious fanart to share!

Meme and comic page, plus behind the scenes art from the comic!Collapse )

Now for the fanart!


Amazing eh??? What adorable art! I never thought anyone would like my comic, especially when nothing has even HAPPENED in the comic yet. It's just people talking. hahaha... well, hopefully once I get some free time I will draw some ACTION! INTRIGUE! ROMANCE! This comic will be psychology-packed, and fun to boot! I promise!

22 June 2010 @ 05:48 pm
I feel guilty that I use deviantart like every day and then my livejournal is unloved. Oh well, whatever!! I'm planning to do some posts about drawings on dA that I love, analysing them and drawing over them and stuff, should be fun! I wish I had a dA subscription so I could do features (I would do it like every week or more often) but if all I want it for is the ability to post pictures in my journals, it's not really worth the whatever $/month rate that it costs.

I'm totally cheating here and hotlinking these landscape drawings to my deviantart, heh heh heh...

EtcCollapse )
Oh also I forgot to mention that I am now officially done with exams (and have been since last Friday). So yaaaay!! Holidays!
Lastly, I got a new icon for my dA account - shamelessly traced over hinabn art itself.

I love this little guy. His name is Ca$h Money. He's a ladies man.

05 June 2010 @ 05:47 pm
The good news: I uploaded a bunch of pictures on photobucket! It lives!
The bad news: I used mum's computer to do it, which means mine has a problem. It's probably an add-on or something. Anyway...

Genderbending, OCs, character prompts and moreCollapse )

In other news I just got back from my first exam, social psychology. I think I did pretty well!

04 June 2010 @ 06:04 pm

Well, my photobucket account isn't letting me upload anything - to upload this picture I had to use tinypic then upload it using that URL. Which is a complicated way to do things and seems unnecessary. So I'm trying their troubleshooting methods...

It really sucks that I can't upload any drawings here. I scanned two sketchbooks' best art into my computer a few days ago so I'm kind of bummed that I can't even share it. But what the hey, it'll probably work later, and if it doesn't I will get a blogspot like all the cool kids seem to have.

First things first: the new doctor who series is kind of amazing (just because it's doctor who) and I love the characters, even if Matt Smith looks like a spade / foot / square face. I wish the characterisation was a little better and the dramatic moments aren't very dramatic at all, but still, it's a great show. And my mum's actually going to watch an episode! This week's is about Van Gogh (battling aliens in a cornfield, no doubt) and since mum and I are total art nerds we are very excited. Well, I am very excited and mum is kind of apprehensive, but at least she will watch an episode.

Also, I am currently studying for exams, as my first exam is tomorrow (social psych), and I'm sure Aaron and the rest of the students doing this unit will agree that the studying is fun at first, but it gets really intense and scary and depressing after a while. As someone put it so well on our unit discussion board, 'it's about how crap people are'. Nevertheless I know it back to front thanks to my studying techniques (coloured textas + flashcard program) and I think I'll do alright.

Lastly, I am sick... again. I really thought I'd make it this year without getting sick, but here we are again, the annual flu! I bet it's because I'm so pale.

Anyway, good luck to anyone else studying for exams, and anyone who isn't, I am jealous!

14 May 2010 @ 08:23 pm
I never update this livejournal any more. I have been drawing a lot more lately but since uni has been getting really heavy (two assignments and a test next week) I haven't had much chance to start my comic up properly. Anyway at my deviantart page (jello-bomb.deviantart.com) I have uploaded the first 9 pages of that comic, as well as some more landscapes, if anyone is interested. Now I'm going to go lie down and rest my back... leaning over a notebook in lecture notes for 8 hours is not easy, and I can't even lean over my tablet to draw and relax a bit!
Okay I am just whining now.

When I get around to it I have a few irrelevant elefent comics to post. Oh, and some rubbish scribbly doctor who comics! (New series is kind of cool, Rory is the best part)
On a lighter note my 19th birthday is next Saturday! I'm going to get drunk! Just kidding... though it'd make this journal more entertaining!

17 April 2010 @ 08:27 pm
I am addicted to Google Streetview. I spend ages just going down streets, trying to find the perfect composition...

Switzerland, FranceCollapse )

That PSYC2212 Lab Report is killing me...
(as is the new series of Doctor Who)